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Real time booking/availability

  • Immediate booking available
  • Advanced booking optimized to operator requirement
  • Customized payment options for time frames as required by operator
  • Mobile device optimized

Key features

  • Flexible and customizable to the operator, location, and POS
  • Self sufficient system with minimal staff input required
  • User Friendly
  • Built by experienced industry operators

Convenient payments

  • Flexible for tiered payment structures
  • Payment can be integrated into POS system or payment gateway
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay can be integrated

About the System

This system was built from the ground up, by those with upward of 30 years of operational truck stop experience to facilitate parking monetization. This web-based parking management solution allows for customization for each operator, limited staff labor, and seamless integration. Drivers need nothing more than internet access to book a parking space immediately or up to a year in advance. Our booking page also can work as an advertising tool for other services at each location or from third party associates. This can serve as an additional revenue source.

Your Brand

  • The system can be branded specifically to the operator and their services.


  • Flexibility in information requested for login/authentication into system
  • Can be embedded within your website.
  • Gives you the option to advertise other services at each facility
  • Permits available through mobile device, printable parking permits or integrated into a secured parking system if needed

Flexible hosting

  • This system can sync with your current hosting provider

Multiple payment option

  • Depending on your POS, this system can include multiple payment options.
  • Can integrate Apple and Google Pay


  • How many parking spaces do you have available?
  • Are each of your parking spaces uniquely identifiable through a numbering system?
  • Do you need downtime in between booking? If yes how much?
  • What is your pricing structure for parking?
  • Do you want to integrate other login/authentication systems?
  • Do you want to manually block some spots for onsite operational purposes?
  • Do you want your own Mobile App?
  • Do you want to use NFC based payment systems like Apple and Google Pay?
  • In the case that you own more than one truck stops, do you want a unified system or individually installed for each truck stop?